As we have reached the end of our crowdfunding, we’d like to thank 1 Million Cups Virginia Beach, BizConnect Hampton Roads, Kickstarter, and all of our friends for the opportunities to share our Ladder In The Bag product and mission, as well as your words of encouragement and support! Your cumulative feedback has been nothing short of phenomenal, and we truly appreciate all! We’re considering a future campaign relaunch. For now, we’re focusing on and looking forward to accomplishing developments in the wings, and as soon as we’re able to publish more details regarding final ladder design features and weight, as well as final bag design, ladder accessories, and pricing, we will.

To share one of the exciting updates, ladder design has been revised to remove the need for external pins to be inserted during assembly; please bookmark our site http://www.ladderinthebag.com/to follow updates as published there, too.  Thank you, again!

ladder,non-conductive,300lb + ULR rating 


 Ladder In The Bag®
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The must have ladder for all homeowners. It’s in The Bag!

Ladder In The Bag® was born of necessity. Dave Edwards, a long time heating and air conditioning professional, helping-hand-logo
saw a need for a ladder that was strong, would fit in tight places and was easily transported. He needed a ladder that would fit in a car so when doing estimates and small jobs, he did not incur the cost of driving his truck. So he got to work on making his idea a reality, and now Ladder In The Bag® is here.ladder-evolutionLadder In The Bag® is lightweight, strong, and versatile, all in one convenient package–one very convenient package. Eight ladders store in a bag with an extendable handle and wheels, much like luggage. It even fits in a Small car!tight-spaces


Imagine the looks you will get when you tell people that you can fit 8 ladders in a Small car! Imagine storing 8 ladders in what looks like stylish luggage. No more struggling to get ladders from overhead storage, to get them off of hooks or worse yet cluttering up your yard. The compact storage of Ladder In The Bag® is possible through its 6 interlocking H-frames. The H-Frames are inserted into one another and secured with locking ladder pins. Ladder In The bag® comes with everything you need to make 8 different ladders: 5 straight ladders and  3 A-frame ladders.
Not to mention several configurations of staircase ladders. Ladder In The Bag® can be configured in 24″ increments. This allows you to work on stairs and other uneven surfaces. For added safety we also include an extendable stabilizer bar. Accessories are also available for added functionality, versatility. Strong, lightweight, compact and versatile, Ladder In The Bag® is a must have for all homeowners.

made in the USA

Ladder In The Bag® avoids dangerous transportation methods. Our ladder fits in small cars