About Us

Getting a new invention off the ground is exciting, but frustrating at the same time. We believe in this product and know it can be a better ladder. We understand how the ladder can be used by both individuals and businesses.

We know how the ladder needs to be built. As a contractor, Dave Edwards, inventor of Ladder In The Bag, has had to use several different kinds of ladders. He has dealt with many manufacturers and knows the Who, What, Where When and Why of the product.

After making several prototypes and listening to what the customers really want and need in a ladder, we believe this ladder will be the safest and most practical on the market.

Built with a non-conductive material, which is strong and durable. The compact design of this ladder will give consumers more choices and options.

The cost to make this ladder in the U.S. with Hi-tech machines and molds creates a high start-up cost, but in the long term, there is less risk and higher quality manufacturing the ladder in the U.S.

made in the USA